Investor Relations​

Equity Crowd Funding

StarWalker Industries (SWI) is seeking crowdfunding investors to: (i) build a StarWalker System in Atlanta, Georgia by Spring 2022; and (ii) increase the growth of its current bottled water brands.

The four (4) driving factors for the building of our StarWalker System are:

  1. the cost efficiency of proprietary water bottling technology
  2. the increasing consumption and need for bottled water
  3. the trend for local initiatives by local citizens
  4. establishing a manufacturing commitment to closed-loop recycling
Legal Disclaimer

The SEC has a bunch of rules on advertising our crowdfunding raise, both on and off the Wefunder platform. The rules are meant to ensure that all prospective investors get the same info about our offering – that our pitch on Wefunder is the single source of truth. But rallying our community is obviously key for a crowdfunding raise!

So, we’ll walk you through how you can market our campaign and bring in investors while staying off the SEC’s list of troublemakers.

When can you start telling family and friends?
Now. We are under a “testing-the-waters” provision of the SEC rules. This means that now our Wefunder pitch is ready, we can start publicizing it! However, we need to include a couple of bullet points in these communications in order to keep the SEC happy plus keep a record of these communications. We have avoided hyperbole and any statements that are misleading or can’t be backed up by facts.

  1.  StarWalker Industries, Inc. is not directly soliciting any money or other consideration, and if sent to us in response to this communication, will not be accepted;
  2. That no offer to buy the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase price can be received until an offering statement is filed with the SEC and only through WeFunder’s platform; and
  3. That your person’s indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind until you execute investment documents.

What can we include in our communications?
We are providing “non-terms” communications. These are “soft” ads or communications that don’t include any terms of our offering. By law, all of our advertisements must include the link to our Wefunder pitch.

Our Wefunder pitch includes our founding story and metrics of our past success and growth.

These will not appear in our communications:

  1. The number of securities being offered;
  2. The type or nature of the securities (i.e., debt or equity, common or preferred, etc.);
  3. The price of the securities; and
  4. The closing date of the offering period.
  5. Our planned use of the funds,
  6. Progress towards meeting our funding target.

Wefunder Examples:
✔ An “Invest in Us” button or banner on our website.

✔ A flyer that says “This is huge. StarWalker Industries is thrilled to invite our patrons to invest in our business. We’ve loved serving our community for 7 years and want to share our success with those who’ve supported us. Check out our Wefunder pitch to see the details and invest!

✔ A Facebook ad that says “We love our customers more than anything. That’s why we wanted to give you all a chance to invest in our bottled water business. Check us out on Wefunder.”