We sell truckloads of alkaline, purified and spring bottled water across North America. We are building a state-of-the-art micro bottled water production plants offering  closed-loop recycling programs.

Who We Are?

StarWalker Industries (SWI) is a bottled water manufacturing, distribution, and recycling company. SWI sells truckloads of bottled water and is building a state-of-the-art bottled water production and recycling system.

StarWalker Industries is led by a black business attorney, David M. Walker, Esq. and engineer whose team of positive people designed a closed-loop bottled water plant that collects its 100% Recyclable plastic bottles.

StarWalker Industries™ (SWI) has a vision of building a bottled water plant and recycling facility for black communities called StarWalker Systems.

Our Distribution division consists of two (2) brands, Positivity Alkaline Water®, and Integrity® Purified and Spring Water that use micro-filtration and reverse osmosis, eco-friendly and BPA free.

Purified & Spring Water

Integrity® Purified Water and Integrity® Spring Water is sold in 500mL/24pack.

Positivity Alkaline Water® has pH 9.5+ in a Grab-N-Go 700mL sport cap bottle. 

Our Commitment to
Closed-Loop Recycling