Bottled Water Supplier

Before we developed the StarWalker System micro-bottled water plant to resolve the recycling problem, we developed StarWalker Distribution (SWD) division to better understand the distribution process and customer service best practices. Our Distribution division consists of two (2) brands, Positivity Alkaline Water®, and Integrity® Purified and Spring Water that use micro-filtration and reverse osmosis, eco-friendly and BPA free.

SWI has developed solid relationships with bottled water manufacturers, distributors, and freight carriers which has strengthened our capacity and delivery time on national truckload orders. Star Walker Industries is proud to be the only bottled water company whose brands are associated with a state of being or mindset.

Positivity Alkaline Water® has pH 9.5+ in a Grab-N-Go 700mL sport cap bottle. Alkaline water is a fast-growing industry with a low risk factor and great profit margin for food trucks, grocers, hospitality venues and other retailers. Positivity Alkaline Water® allows consumers to enjoy the refreshing taste of purified water infused with electrolytes for positively GREAT TASTE.

Purified & Spring Water

Integrity® Purified Water and Integrity® Spring Water is sold in 500mL/24pack. Integrity®’s mission is to promote active and healthy lifestyles. Integrity® was established on the principle that bottled water can be produced in an eco-friendly way if the bottling is done in a trustworthy manner.
Positivity Water Truckload

The Positivity® brand’s mission is to Provide Positivity to Positive People by exhibiting our core values of positivity, integrity, communication, courage, passion, selflessness, innovation, and inclusion all geared towards making a cultural impact with the people we contact.

If integrity could be bottled, it would look like water. If it could be consumed, it would taste like water. Pure. Essential. Good. Integrity® is the choice that makes you feel good and that you can feel good about. For your active, healthy lifestyle… Choose Integrity!

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