StarWalker Industries, Inc. (SWI) purpose is to reduce the amount of plastic that is being dumped in landfills and to build a sustainable closed-loop bottled water recycling plant. SWI believes water should be bottled, consumed and recycled in local communities. Our StarWalker System manufactures, distributes, and recycles locally sourced bottled water cleanly and safely.

Four driving factors for building our StarWalker System are:

  1. Cost efficiency of bottled water proprietary technology;
  2. Increased consumption of bottled water;
  3. Trend for local initiatives by local citizens;
  4. Establishing a manufacturing commitment to closed-loop recycling.
StarWalker Systems Facility

Cost Effective
Proprietary Technology

SWI has partnered with world renowned engineers to develop a state-of-the-art, efficient bottling water plant that will produce 32 million 96oz 100% recyclable bottles per year. This capacity will be enough to supply about 200,000 residents annually. The micro bottling plant is being built using a small 50,000 sq ft footprint with proprietary bottling process to produce our proprietary BottleOne bottle using 100% recyclable PET1 – the highest quality of recyclable plastic. StarWalker Systems will also charge a 10cent bottled deposit as a cash incentive for the local-residents to return our BottleOne bottles to our closed loop recycling facility.

Our bottles are so pretty, we pay you to bring them back.

Increased Consumption
of Bottled Water

In 2016, bottled water passed carbonated beverages in consumption per person. Purified water, which is made through the process of reverse osmosis of municipal water, is the top selling water type and is mostly done under private label production. The need for bottled water is constantly increasing and the supply must also increase to match its demand.

Local Initiatives
by Local Citizens

SWI believes bottled water will go the way of craft beer. Once the public understands that the process of filtering municipal water through reverse osmosis anywhere, they will conclude that it makes sense to produce bottled water locally – no different than craft beer. Once citizens have a clean, safe, and reliable bottled water facility in their community, they will (i) see the immediate cost savings; and (ii) appreciate the value in receiving cash incentives for returning our 100% recyclable BottleOne bottles.

In February 2021, the City Council for the City of Atlanta recently passed a resolution to explore the feasibility of building it’s own bottled water plant.

Manufacturing Commitment to Closed-Loop Recycling.

As part of the initiative to produce a 96oz (¾ Gallon) drinking water bottle for local communities, we have an opportunity to install an unprecedented, sustainable closed-loop recycling systems for local-residents. This closed-loop process consists of a 25¢ return as a cash incentive for the return of our BottleOne bottles. This process ensures the collection of “clean” (not from the curbside, mixed stream) PET1 recyclate for use in the manufacturing of preforms (plastic that is blown out and filled with water). “Clean” 100% recyclable (RPET) commands a market premium and can be sold to other producers to cover recycling costs for our bottles.